Sunrise Renewal

Sunrise Renewal


Canyon Trader

Val and Mary Ann were discussing the slight decline in membership of the Sunrise Park Naturist Co-Op and they were stumped as to why it was happening.  They were thinking that the “3 1/2 year” problem might happening to them.   A theory existed that  folks got interested in naturism, joined clubs and left them in about 3 1/2 years.  Since they had joined Sunrise Park over 7 years ago Val & Mary Ann were the exceptions to the theory.  In fact, they had brought their kids up while belonging to the club and had introduced Mary Ann’s sister, Ellen, to the lifestyle.  They had also, reluctantly at first, taken roles of responsibility within the group and presently were the President and Treasurer of it.  Val always complained that 4% of the members did 90% of the work.

Sunrise had some hard times shortly after Val & Mary Ann joined.  Expenses were greater than the income of the place and the owners had decided to subdivide the property and sell it off as housing lots. The members of the group were not happy with this arrangement but none wanted to purchase the place and keep it running as a nudist park.  Finally, Victor Able, the state governor, came up with a plan that would convert the  park into a co-op and and the members could purchase shares.  Those with housing on the site would be converted to condominium status and the rentals would continue to produce revenue for the co-op. They had convinced Ray and Diane to stay on for a year and help with the transition of the park.  Sunrise occupied over 40 acres on the river and was secluded enough to provide the privacy required for its operation.  Boaters on the river had a open view of the club but most were local fishermen who knew about the co-op and the activities there.

Val said,  “I wonder if what we do is not interesting to younger people these days.   I know all groups have found it necessary to change their focus at times.  We play miniature golf, volleyball, Petanque and things like that but maybe we are behind the curve.  Think about our own two kids, for example, they are grown now and neither seems very interested in the club anymore.  We only see them when we make the effort.”

Mary Ann answered her cell phone and indicted that it was Ellen who wanted to drop by to discuss a problem concerning a mutual friend.  Ellen was also a member of Sunrise and was usually playing a key role making things happen there.  She presently was working to make the club more of a social center.  

Ellen must have been just down the block because she popped into the family room in a few minutes.  “Do you have any of that Sterling Chardonnay we had the other night?”  she asked.  “That is a great wine but I can’t find it at Costco.”

Mary Ann, Ellen & Val were totally at ease with each other and Ellen quickly removed her sweat suit to join them for a glass of wine.  She had been a reluctant convert when Mary Ann first mentioned that she and Val were going to try out nudism and was even more surprised when Mary Ann told her that their parents had suggested it.  They were in Kansas and lived at a retirement center for naturists.  Ellen had not known about that facet of their parents’ lives but when she called to confirm it her mother had been very open with her about it and explained why they had not shared the facts with her earlier.  Anyway, she went to the club a couple of times with Val & Mary Ann but stayed fully clothed then one day she surprised everyone including her niece and nephew by removing her clothes and never looked back. 

“You know the Wine Warehouse has a more complete selection than Costco.” replied Val.  He knew Ellen was real cheapskate and never wanted to pay over $10 for a bottle of wine and he was always giving her a hard time about that.

“Yeah, I know but it is out of my way so I don’t go there.” said Ellen with a tone that implied that she was doing the correct thing.  Val thought Ellen had a focused attitude that lots of single people have.  He assumed that it happened because they did not have to compromise like married people.  He had hoped that Ellen would have stayed hooked up with a fellow she had met at Sunrise but he moved to Chicago and it was over.

“I thought I would drop by and talk about Allen.  Ever since he lost Millie nine months ago he has gone into a funk.  I know it must be hard to lose your wife so early but he also has to be pragmatic and get on with his life.” Ellen said with true concern.

“I agree with you, Ellen, but I don’t see how we can get involved.  It is probably the most personal situation anyone ever has to work through and it might be best for us just to sit back for awhile and see what happens.”  Mary Ann replied.  “I have always wondered if the investigation into her death did not cause him to be like this.  There seemed to be some strange circumstances that the police were looking into and that would cause stress to say the least.  I don’t think they ever came up with any cause to look any deeper though and dropped it.”

Val knew about the investigation and he also knew how much he could actually explain so he kept pretty silent about the subject.

“It just seems to me that Allen might be better off if he did more and I was thinking that we might get him involved in a more responsible role within Sunrise.”  Ellen speculated.  “We might create something like a membership chair or activities chair and ask him to fill it for awhile.”

“Mary Ann and I were just talking about why we are losing members, Ellen.  I was thinking that it might be because we are out-of-touch with the current topics of interest that young folks are reading about and doing.  For instance, most kids these days are totally into electronics and computers.  The internet, Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks take up most of their time and they make friends all around the world.  The main problem I see is that face-to-face interaction is going away as well as physical activity.  We aren’t the only segment of society that is experiencing this decline in interest.  A ham radio operator friend told me that young folks are not so plentiful as they once were.  Instant communication techniques like Skype sort of take the wonder out of radio.”  Val finally stopped talking.

“It becomes a real economic problem for organizations since your “tax” base shrinks and operating costs increase at the same time.”  Ellen had been the treasurer of Sunrise.  

“So, what is the solution?  I was thinking they we might have “Nudie Techie” day or something like that.  Also, maybe we could offer some classes in micro-controllers, like Arduino, and I have some projects in mind for those attending.  Some of our members work in high-tech areas and this would be simple for them but we do have others that might be interested in learning about the workings of these clever little devices.  We also might have a demonstration station set up at the club for ham radio.  I know Travelites sponsors a ham radio day as part of one of their outings.  I know a couple of our members are ham operators and might be interested in taking some of the mystery out of ham radio.  We have to come up with something other than the traditional games and social gatherings.  I don’t think we should get rid of the things that are in place now but I also think that to maintain interest we have to change and grow.”  Val had obviously been thinking about the possible solutions for the membership renewal.

Ellen was thinking too. “What about an astronomy night?  I know a couple of guys that have portable telescopes.  The location of Sunrise is perfect since is is mostly isolated and the ambient light is very low there.”

Mary Ann said “You know car shows are great attractions. We could offer our parking lot to a local club and they could display their cars there for a weekend or so.  Even though this would be a textile event it still would attract interest.  Sometimes an ad in a nudist magazine is not quite enough.”   Sunrise from time to time ran ads about the place and what it had to offer.  Mary Ann always thought these were a waste of money since they were preaching to the converts.

“It’s pretty clear that we have to think outside of the box and be willing to try things that might not have been done before.  I remember days, when I was younger, hearing about “nudist camps or colonies” and imagining what went on there.  We had all kinds of ideas but none of them were the right ones.” Ellen said.

“We have to also be willing to recognize that this activity may have run its course and decline might be the new reality.  Those within a group are always the last ones to admit that their group is going away.”  Val mentioned.

They had polished off the Chardonnay by now but had no firm decisions for either Ellen’s concern about Allen or about the future of the co-op.

Driving to work the next day, Val found himself thinking about Allen and what had happened to Millie, his wife.  He knew the Sacramento detectives who worked the case but only had heard bits and pieces about their investigation.  Ellen was correct when she said no charges were made.  He decided to call one of his contacts in their division and have lunch in order to learn more about it.  Val usually stuck to his own assignments but he also knew the importance of networking within the force.  

At the office, Val placed a call to Dick Larsen and set up a lunch date for 1:00 p.m.

They met at a out of the way place known to the detectives and not too many of the general public.  The ruben sandwiches were great and the beer was cold.  The two detectives spent a few minutes catching up on family matters and the cases they had worked lately.  Val told Dick that his two kids were now out of the house and one was even married.  They wondered where the time had gone.  Dick said he and his wife were thinking about retirement and wondering if they could manage on the pensions presently offered by the department.  They agreed that there are common problems that everyone seems to have to deal with.

Val then mentioned the Allen Simpson case and asked Dick for some background.  Dick questioned why Val had an interest before he offered any information and Val said that he and Mary Ann were in the same social group with Allen and they were concerned about his state these days.  Dick mentioned that they had found that the Simpsons were members of Sunrise Park and remembered that he knew that Val was now the president of the co-op.  Val acknowledged that both he and Mary Ann were now officers.  He and Dick had not been close friends at all but Val knew how facts about members of the force get passed around and he was not surprised that Dick knew of his involvement with the naturist group.  

“Well Val, Millie died over the period of a few months.  We thought there might be a possible motive there when we found that she had inherited a couple of million only last year and investigated what happened to that money when she died.  We found that most of it went to some church organization down in Southern California and Allen got relatively a small amount.  It seems that Millie was pretty religious.  Allen is not religious and we also found that he was the primary interest in joining your group.  Millie was a reluctant member and not as active as Allen.  We also found that Allen is worth over $10 million in his own right.  It seems he invented some sort of electronic touch-pad sort of thing and sold it to Apple.  He has tons of shares of Apple as well as other high tech stocks.  He didn’t need the church money at all.”  Dick explained.  “They actually led different lives and only rarely did things together.  So, we have the case on the back burner now.  You know how it goes, I’m sure.”

“Now that you mention it we did not see Millie very often and when we did she was only around for a few minutes.  She always had some other meeting or pressing matter that she had to attend to and could not spend time just taking it easy around our pool or at the club house.  I always felt that she was bored with the whole thing and really did not want to be there.”  Val said.  “Also, Allen is a terrific looking guy and Millie was pretty much a plain toast sort, if you know what I mean.  She would never have been a cheerleader or the most popular in the class.  He seems like he could have been the president of his class or frat group.  It always was interesting that those two ever got together.”

“Funny that you mention that.  We did find that Millie’s folks were well off early on and she did not have to worry about a thing.  The only reason she did not inherit more money is that there are 4 other siblings and the estate was divided equally among them.       She did some strange things during her life but we could find nothing especially related to her death except her trips to Latin America and then those things were very remote.”  Dick said.

“What’s the story with the religion thing, Dick?”

“It’s pretty vague at this point and we decided to not spend much time on it.  However, it seemed strange to us that a high-middle-class woman in Sacramento would become involved with politics in Latin America and with evangelical religious groups in Southern Cal.  Those guys down there are much like the holy rollers of old since they hear voices and talk to spirits.  They think they have a direct path to the wants of God and have convinced lots of people of that.  People send tons of money to them every day.  Go Figure!”

“So, did you find any link between these two interests? For instance, did the church support the politics in the Latin countries?”

“There is only one more fact that we uncovered.  The Alcohol & Firearms department of the federal government have discovered that the church was profiting from drug trafficking to the USA.  It seems that the church board is pretty greedy and wants to become really big, really fast so they invested money and lots of it with a cartel in Columbia. This cartel uses a path through the subject Latin countries and up the west coast from Mexico.  It amounts to millions each month for the investors and tens of millions for the cartel.  We did not touch that aspect and are waiting for the feds to build their case.”

“Do you think Millie had any idea about this connection?” Val was amazed.

“Not only do we think she knew about it, we think she may have engineered the whole scheme.  She made numerous trips down there and had meetings with many different people both within and outside of the groups.  It was not all chartable work, we think.”

“Do you have any evidence that supports that suspicion?”

“A few weeks before Millie died the feds traced a few million dollars of dirty money to an account that Millie had established in a San Francisco Bank under an assumed name.  They impounded the money and started to investigate Millie more throughly.  They have been looking at her for over three years but this was the first serious incident that appeared to be incriminating.  The bank notified Millie of course, and she appeared getting ready to flee the country.”

“Ah, there must be lots more to this story!” said Val.  

“There almost has to be and we are looking into Allen’s actions now.  He and Millie were only married for a little over 3 years and had no children.  The feds are looking into his background and trying to figure out why he married her and what his actual employment is.  He talks the touch-pad story but we cannot find any real connection between him and Apple or any other high tech company.  He has no engineering degree either.  That alone doesn’t mean much but college drop outs that make millions are few and far between.  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are exceptions that happened to hit the right wave at the right time.”  

“I think our position will be to take a hands-off attitude and leave it to you guys and the feds.  Something smells like rotten Brie here.” said Val.

“That’s a good idea, Val, and I will keep you advised in person when we have something that may help you.  Meanwhile, it’s been great to see you again.  I’ve often thought about visiting Sunrise Park but somehow have never got around to making the time.”

“You should make time, Dick.  You will be surprised at how relaxed and at ease everyone is without clothes.  Also, you will be amazed at the folks who are members there.  Our membership includes quite a few important people but most are just like you and me.  If I can answer any questions just give me a ring.”

“I have a question right now, Val.  Jean, my wife, is built like a brick outhouse if you know what I mean.  Will all the guys there be hitting on her?”

“Dick, those sexual considerations all seem to disappear quickly.  We have men, women and kids of all shapes and sizes.  Once you see someone naked the mystery is gone and you seem to get along much better than before.  Sex doesn’t go away and we have had divorces within our membership because of it but it is no different from any other place where people interact.  Bring Jean along and attend our Saturday afternoon social event.  They are events designed to be “open houses” and we try to inform the guests about the club and what we have to offer.  Let me know if you want to attend and I’ll get you on the guest list.  Our daily fee is waived for these events.”

“I’ll ask Jean if she is interested, Val.  I suppose she will think it is the dumbest thing she has ever heard of.”

They parted after lunch and while driving back to the office Val thought about the conversation.  He knew that he could not tell Mary Ann any of this information and decided to not even mention the lunch meeting.

Val had a voicemail when he returned.  “Guess what? Jean is really interested in the Saturday social and wonders why we haven’t gone before.  She would like to talk to Mary Ann before then and I gave her your home number.  I hope that was O.K.  I’m pumped up about the whole thing.  Thanks, Val.”

That evening Mary Ann was late and Val was relaxing on the patio with a martini when she arrived.  She had made a quick trip to the market and got tied up in traffic.  Val was nude as usual when around the house.  Their house was not big but they had made it pretty private by selective planting of shrubs and some fencing.  They could use the pool and patio with complete privacy.  They had become so used to each other in the nude that they were completely comfortable.  Mary Ann soon shed her Levis and tee shirt as Val mixed her a martini.  

They made small talk about the day and Mary Ann said that Ellen was going to drop by after her yoga session.  They would have dinner together.  

Mary Ann said that Jean had called during the afternoon and questioned her about Sunrise and the Saturday social events.  She was concerned about any requirements of being nude immediately and things like that.  Mary Ann said she told Jean about their first time at the club and how Val had put off dropping his shorts.  She told her that everyone has the same concerns but soon they go away.  Mary Ann told her that a sarong or something like it might help to lessen the impact.  Val told Mary Ann that Jean was built like a brick out-house and was worried about drawing too much attention.  Mary Ann just chuckled and said once Jean saw the cross section of people in the club she would forget all about sex.

Just then the doorbell rang and Ellen popped in.  “Talk about being built like a brick out-house! “ said Val.  Ellen gave him a look and wondered what he was talking about so he explained the Dick & Jean story.  Ellen was out of her clothes by now and wondering where the martinis were.

Val said, “I’ve rethought the whole techie thing and think it might be way too narrow for what we want to achieve which is more members.  It would be interesting for a few folks but we have to try to address a large market to get a few members.”

Ellen said that she thought Val was right about that but suggested that they could do the technical events as well as other things.  

Chapter 2

Dick called Val and said he wanted to update him on the Allen & Millie Simpson case.  They decided to keep really low key and off-the-record and would meet at a quiet cafe in the outskirts of Sacramento.  Dick looked serious and after ordering beer and sandwiches they talked about the developments of the last few days.

  “My partner and I are coming around to the idea that Allen & Mille had started off as serious agents for the Feds and had spent many months infiltrating the drug ring that they were supposed to be investigating.  Then the temptation got too great and Millie actually became a double agent working both sides of the fence.  Millie was actually Theresa Silva and spoke very good Spanish.  She was small at 4’10” but had been trained well and was skilled in the martial arts as well as hand guns.”

“Sounds like quite a hand-full!” responded Val.

“As it sometimes does the money became a real addiction and Millie grew to like the rich life-style.  We think she started to drift to the dark side and tried to convince Allen to make one big score then split with new identities to some remote location and bask on the beach.”

“Don’t ask me how I know this, Val.  We have agents working this situation from now until Sunday.  None of them know who the others are, of course and the Feds have their own set of infiltrators that we do not know about.  We analyze data and try to fit pieces of the puzzle together and sometimes we get lucky.”

“About a year ago Allen tried to quit the business.  His superiors would not have any of it and required him to continue until he and Millie were in spot to bring the Northern California portion of this drug ring down.  He agreed to the plan and continued his facade with Millie.  They were doing quite well until Millie died and Allen went into serious depression either real or supposed.  He has been less than productive since then.”

“O.K. Let’s keep the whole thing off the radar for awhile and see if anything else happens.” said Val.  “I’ll let you know if I hear anything of interest.”

The week flew by and Val called Dick on Wednesday just to check in.  He had nothing new to add to the situation.  

Mary Ann was busy with her routine and Ellen was in “The City” as everyone in Northern California called San Francisco.  She was doing a software project for the City & County of S.F.  and was working in the basement of the City Hall.  She would be back on Friday night and they all planned to attend the Sunrise Open House on Saturday.  The open house concept was being used to ease interested parties into the naturist lifestyle and it was a really low-key to show off the facilities at the park as well as to let new folks meet the members.  Val and Mary Ann had been making an effort to attend most of the Saturday afternoon sessions.  Val was especially interested in the coming get-together since Dick and Jean planned to make their first visit to Sunrise.

Ellen called on Friday night to let them know she was home and had some interesting news.  She had been down on Market Street for lunch on Thursday and was browsing through the Emporium on the way back to the Civic Center.  She was looking over a table full of scarves when she looked up to find Millie Simpson across the table looking at the merchandise also.  Millie glanced up and quickly looked away.  She was wearing a head scarf and dark glasses but Ellen recognized the small frame and unique look of her face.  Someone had bumped Ellen and she looked away then when she turned back Millie was nowhere to be seen.  Ellen thought it was strange since they had attended Millie’s funeral a few months ago.  

Val verified that Ellen would be at the open house the next day.  He then thought he would have to consider how to present this information to Dick.

Chapter 3

Val, Mary Ann and Ellen were early to the open house and helped Ray set up the serving tables and lay out brochures and photos about the club and its history.  They found that visitors liked to take home something that explained the purpose and operation of Sunrise.  They also displayed copies of “N” the journal of the Naturist Society.

By 3:00 p.m. the recreation room was crowded with members and curious visitors of all ages.  Dick and Jean had been there only about 5 minutes when Jean discarded her sarong and seemed very comfortable moving among the members.  She knew two of the members who were also members of her quilting group.  Dick was pretty well known also due to his law enforcement career.  He was surprised when Val told him about Victor Able and Muriel, the former California Governor and his wife, who had been long term members of the group.  Val said that was always a surprise to new folks.

Later in the afternoon Val asked Ellen to tell Dick about Millie Simpson.  She told him what she had seen in the Emporium.  She wondered why Dick was interested but Val quietly asked her to give them some time to discuss the situation.  Ellen complied and moved away to talk with Conrad Elliott about software stuff.

Dick said, “That’s interesting.  Do you think Ellen could be mistaken?”

“Ellen is a very precise person.  Her profession demands attention to details and she would not mistake someone as unique as Millie.  I think she actually saw her.”  replied Val.

“It might make sense considering what we have found out lately.”  They had moved out to the redwood deck that ended at the edge of the pool.  “If she took a powder then who is in the coffin?  If you remember it was a closed coffin service and no-one actually saw the deceased Millie.  Maybe it was a ruse and there is an empty box there.”  Dick wondered.

“Allen has been the object of investigations from all sides lately.  The Feds, our group, and the cartel are all interested in him and his actions.  It seems that there is either lots of product or lots of cash missing.  We have been thinking that he has been stashing the cash and preparing for removing himself from the scene but he is so through and smart that we cannot prove anything.  There is no evidence at all--no off-shore accounts, no big houses and no fancy cars.  We expect to find about $50 million somewhere but so far have not been able to spot it.”

“How about digging up the coffin?” offered Val.

“Now that we know that Millie might be still around that might be a good idea.  It would be a perfect hiding place, don’t you agree?  However, it is a real process to get permission to dig up a grave and open a coffin.  We need a court order and to get that we would have to expose our evidence and position in the whole investigation.  We might not be able to do that just now.”  Dick explained.

“I’ll let you know if anything turns up on our side of the fence, Dick.”  said Val.  “By the way, how is Jean handling the idea of joining Sunrise?”

“We talked about it and we need to know who gets the check.”  replied Dick.

“Ellen is both the membership chair and the treasurer.  Let’s go over and see her now.”

Ellen explained that both parties had to sign the application for membership form and got it out of her briefcase for Dick.  He went off to find Jean and Ellen asked Val about the Millie Simpson business.  He explained that there was an investigation going on and that he could not tell her anymore about it.  She was good with that.

Chapter 4

  The following Wednesday, Ray called Val early in the morning.  He said there was an interesting package under the porch of the club office that morning.  It had  some cash.  He thought Val should drop by soon and look at the package.

Val shuffled his schedule and drove out to the club.  It was a quiet morning at the facility and Ray was in his office after attending to his morning cleaning duties.  He had the package on his desk and showed it to Val.  Just then Val’s cell phone rang and Mary Ann asked if he had seen the morning Sacramento Bee.  He said that he had not had the time because he had driven out to see Ray.  He then noticed the morning paper on Ray’s desk as he spoke.  Mary Ann told him to look on the second page and read the story there.

Val was surprised to see a story about the arrest of three Columbian nationals.  They had been caught around 10:00 p.m. at the burial plot of Millie Simpson trying to dig up the grave.  They had been detected by an off duty K9-Sargent who was walking his dog in the area after leaving the swing shift.  The dog alerted on the presence of the Columbians and the officer saw what was going on and called in the on-duty officers who arrested the diggers.  The three men were laying on the ground trying to not get detected when the officers arrived.  They had not reached the coffin when they were caught and taken to jail.

Ray then told Val he should look inside of the package that he had found that morning.  Val opened it and saw that it was stuffed with money.  Bills of every value were there but mostly the bundle included $100s and $50s.  

“How much is here?” asked Val.

“$750,000 dollars more or less.” said Ray.  “There is no note or message of any kind included and I have no electronic messages that provide any clue about the source of this money.  But, we have not received the daily mail yet.  I really hope something comes in it that helps us out here.”

“I have some ideas about what is going on but can’t talk to anyone outside of the investigation about it yet.  I have to call Dick right away and tell him about this.  I’ll ask him to call me on the phone here and ask you to let me talk to him privately.  Sorry.”

“No problem, Val.  Why don’t you call him directly on the club phone?  I will be out back doing chores when you are through.”

Dick was not answering his cell phone when Val called.  He did call back directly and told Val he was on a direct line.  Police do not like to use what are basically radios when they talk about sensitive issues.  Electronic snooping is prevalent.

“So, you saw the story this morning, Val.  I assume that is why you are calling.”  said Dick.

“That is part of it, Dick but we have another thing to discuss.  Can you get out to the club this morning?”  asked Val.

“As a matter of fact, I am at a cafe on I80 now and can drop by there on my way back to town.  I have been looking into a place the Columbians were using as a residence out on the river.  I will be there in 10 minutes.”  Dick said.

Chapter 5

“Wow, that’s a ton of cash!!  What’s the story with it?”  Dick exclaimed.

“We certainly are not sure but I think it is definitely related to the case we have been discussing lately.  I think things broke apart since Monday and Allen must have split.  Did the cops or feds continue what the Columbians started to find what they were trying to get to?”  Val asked.

“The feds were there right away and sort of expedited the permit process.  The dirt was still very loose and they had the coffin open by 6:00 a.m.  Guess what, it was empty.  We are thinking now that the whole thing was a distraction to give the “Simpsons” time to work out their plan.  In other words, we think there never was a body or anything else in the coffin.  There was 5 twenty pound sand bags there though to provide some weight.”

“So, has anyone seen Allen?” asked Val.  “It seems that he might have some answers to this problem.”

“Ah, he is nowhere to be found.  We think he has been gone for over a week and, of course, Millie has not been seen either.  We never were able to find her even with Ellen’s information.  These two are really skilled people and if they do not want to be found they probably will not be.” Dick was not exactly dejected.

“What do we do about the money?”  Val asked the obvious question.

“Money, what money?  I think you have received a gift from a long time member who is getting too old to be active and does not want any publicity.  I think you should list it as an anonymous contribution to the club treasury and go with that.  We can speculate where the money originated but that would be only speculation and not fact.  If the giver wants to remain unknown we should respect his wishes.”  Dick reasoned.

“We will sit on the decision for awhile and not make any hasty decisions.  How do you feel about that?”  said Val.

“That’s fine with me.  Even if this money is part of the other situation it is less than 5 % and a drop in the bucket.  That is why the cartel will risk people’s lives to recover it.  This drug business is a big deal, money-wise.”

Around 3:00 p.m. Ray called Val.  He read a note that had indeed been delivered in the mail.  It was post-marked from L.A. and had been constructed by cutting and pasting letters from publications.  “This club has provided a bit of sanity in an otherwise chaos ridden world.  Thanks.”  

Ray said, “That’s it.  There is nothing else to give a clue about the source of the letter or anything.”

“Ray, keep the note in a safe place and don’t tell anyone else about it.”  Val said.

Chapter 6

Months later, Ellen was happily going over the latest Sunrise Park Newsletter with Val and Mary Ann while they enjoyed their martinis.  It looked like this:


Quilting Group

Jean reports that the Quilting group now has 6 members and they have taken over the unused storeroom area of the recreation center.  They plan to use it for a center and leave their equipment including their computers there.  

Ham Radio

Clarence Olive has reconditioned the old travel trailer that we rented out at times.  He has outfitted it with 220 VAC and took out most of the interior furniture.  Benches and control center desks have been installed to be used for the equipment given to Sunrise by the Sacramento Ham Radio Club.  Clarence is conducting a 10 session class to prepare the students for their ham radio license exam.  He has 15 students including 6 who are under 12 years old.  They will be tested at the end of the sessions by the local club volunteer examiners. The classes meet on Thursday evenings at 07:00 p.m. in the recreation room.  They use the ham radio trailer as a lab.

Arduino Micro-controller Class

Al and Beth have started their Introduction to Micro-controller class which meets on Tuesday evenings at 07:00 in the recreation room.  They will have 7 sessions of theory then concentrate on various projects during the last 7 sessions.  These little controllers are used for anything from security systems to robotics. There is a fee for this class that covers the two texts.  $25.00


Sunrise has partnered with the YWCA to provide swimming classes for all levels.  Although, we could have presented these classes, the liability issues make it prudent to have certified instructors perform the teaching and the YWCA has quite a few of these folks available.  There is no cost for the lessons and they meet at our pool area on Saturday morning at 09:00 a.m.

Adult Wine Tasting Group

Val and Mary Ann have started a Sunrise Park Wine Group.  This group will meet monthly to listen to lectures and have a tasting of many different wines.  The cost is15.00 per event which will cover the cost of the wines and cheeses, etc.  

Thursday evenings at 07:30 p.m.  In the small recreation room at Sunrise.


“Look at all we have done in the last few months.  It has shown that a naturist park doesn’t have to be single-focussed and that we can do lots more than play frisbee and miniature golf.” said Ellen.  “We have 20 new members also because of the diversification of our club to include things that people these days want to learn about and do.”

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Is It The Beginning?