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   There has never been a better time to become an AMSOIL dealer.  You can increase your income and help others to save money by providing the best synthetic lubricants in the U.S.A.

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    There really is no mystery to the pricing of AMSOIL products.  Contrary to what you may have heard, there are no "wholesale" or "wholesale-racer" prices.  Instead AMSOIL offers a suggested retail price and a "Preferred Customer" price.  The Preferred Customer price is the same price that an AMSOIL Dealer pays for the products.  The only difference is that the Dealer accumulates "Commission Credits" on all of the sales made by him and those made by his group.  He is paid a percentage of those credits and it varies based on the dollar amount sold.  The more product sold-the higher the percentage.  

    To offer any prices other than these means that the dealer would have to almost work for free and that is surely not the reason to be in business.  However, Canyon Traders always pays the freight costs of shipments to retail price customers as a token of our appreciation for the business.  We can not do this for Preferred Customers since there is no margin available for it on those sales.  (If the price of shipping continues to go up we may have to reevaluate this policy!!)

    (An individual AMSOIL Dealer may choose to sponsor racing teams or may co-op with AMSOIL, Inc. to help these teams with the cost of lubricants in return for advertising, etc.)  Canyon Traders sponsors two teams that race in SCCA amateur sports car road racing events.

    AMSOIL products are the best in the industry and the best for your vehicle.  We will be glad to send you a CD of our Oil Testing Analysis presentation that shows the results of many, many independent lab. tests where AMSOIL is compared to the leaders in the business.  Understanding the test parameters and results is a great step toward understanding why thousands of motorists have chosen AMSOIL for over 35 years.  Request this presentation using our contact form here.

    AMSOIL products do cost more up-front but over a years time you will save up to 40-50% over the cost of conventional oil changes.  Your car will benefit from the best lubrication available and will run cooler, start better and wear less.  Extended oil change intervals make it possible to change your oil every 35,000 miles or once each year whichever comes first. 

    So, the choice is now clear.  If you purchase at least $100 of AMSOIL products each year you should be a Preferred Customer.  If you want to consider becoming an AMSOIL Dealer take a look at our Dealership Opportunity page that explains the system and outlines the seven different paths to making money selling AMSOIL.


You can become an AMSOIL/ALTRUM  Preferred Customer for $10.00/ 6 months or $20.00/ 1 year.  

          Preferred Customers Benefits:

                    1.  Purchase all AMSOIL products at the lowest possible price.    (If you spend at least $100 in a year the plan pays for itself.)

                    2.  Receive the AMSOIL "ACTION NEWS" monthly.  ACTION NEWS is a      magazine that is packed with the latest AMSOIL product information, TEAM AMSOIL racing  and competition articles, and general interest stories about the AMSOIL dealership organization.  It also includes the current sales levels of many AMSOIL dealers.

                    3.  Receive the most current AMSOIL catalogs delivered to your address.

Remember the Preferred Customer Plan prices apply to AMSOIL, ALTRUM & AGGRAND products.

The Preferred Customer Plan is an ideal way to keep informed of the latest developments and save money!

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