AMSOIL Maintenance Plan


   There has never been a better time to become an AMSOIL dealer.  You can increase your income and help others to save money by providing the best synthetic lubricants in the U.S.A.

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It's really very simple.  AMSOIL produces the best synthetic motor oils in the USA.  For over 35 years, documented independent tests have shown that AMSOIL products outperform the competition. They last longer, lubricate better and do not break down.  

     These facts benefit you and the environment.  

     You save money because you change oil less often.  (25,000 miles or one year.)

     Your vehicle lasts longer, is more efficient, runs cooler and starts easier. 

     Your maintenance generates up to 80% fewer waste products and less waste oil.

      Your car runs better, lasts longer & pollutes less.

      Your vehicle's warranty remains in effect.

Help solve some of the problems we now face by learning more about AMSOIL, Inc. and the great products they produce.  Browse the catalog and contact Canyon Traders with any questions you might have about AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants.  Thousands of motorists nationwide have simplified their automotive maintenance with AMSOIL!

Get an electronic .pdf copy of the currrent AMSOIL catalog here.

Get a printed copy of the current AMSOIL catalog here.

Request your custom maintenance plan here.  Use the drop down menu to enter "Maintenance Plan" in the subject line of the request form.  Include your vehicle type(s) in the message.

Read all about the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Plan where you can save even more!