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Interested in $10,000 per month?

It is entirely possible to earn this kind of money being an AMSOIL dealer.  Many others have done it and so can you.  You will find that selling these products is much like recommending a good book or movie.  When you have read a good book you can not help but share it with your acquaintances.  The same is true when you are sold on a great product that will benefit your friends and save them money at the same time.  The opportunity is here it is up to you to seize it!!

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Are you a bit behind in your savings plan for your retirement?  Do you need some extra income to help the kids through their college days?  Would you like the freedom of  working from home and not be required to go to an office each day?  An AMSOIL dealership may be the answer to your individual financial situation. 
The Synthetic Lubricant market is expanding due to the requirements for owners and managers to protect today's engines and equipment and, at the same time,  improve the bottom line of their budget or checking account.  Extended Change Intervals are the key to solving many of these requirements.  A small amount spent upfront will result in savings overall.
Vehicle owners are looking for ways protect the large investment they have in their automobiles, trucks and recreational vehicles.  Motor Sports folks already know that AMSOIL offers this protection and is very cost effective.
The AMSOIL Marketing Plan has been tested and proven to be an excellent method for getting AMSOIL products to customers.  Since 1972, all AMSOIL products have been sold and managed by AMSOIL Independent Dealers. MLM is not a four letter word.  You have to consider whether the business is "Product Driven" or "Program Driven" when you evaluate an opportunity.  AMSOIL is definitely "Product Driven".  AMSOIL manufactures and distributes the finest synthetic lubricants available and the distribution method just happens to have an MLM structure.  No one ever earns a dime until some product is sold nor does anyone get any compensation or a bonus for recruiting new dealers.  Additionally, there are very definite limits on the percentages paid to the sales force.  Many think that MLM is the marketing plan of the future.

You can concentrate on any or all of the 7 ways to generate profits:  
Personal Retail Sales:  AMSOIL Dealer earns difference between wholesale cost and retail price.  Direct selling to customer.  Commission credits are earned by dealer  when he purchases  products.
Catalog Sales:  AMSOIL customer buys from company using catalog as a guide.  Dealer receives retail profit + commission credits on sale.

Get an electronic .pdf copy of the currrent AMSOIL catalog here.

                           Get a printed copy of the current AMSOIL catalog here. 
Internet Sales:  AMSOIL customer buys from company using the online store as a guide.  Referring dealer receives retail profit + commission credits.
Sponsoring New Dealers & Preferred Customers: No money is earned by recruiting dealers or preferred customers.  New dealers and preferred customers buy products at wholesale.  Referring dealer receives commission credits on purchases of preferred customers.  New dealers enter into the sponsors group and their purchases add into the sponsors group sales totals.  
Fund Raising Accounts:  Clubs and organizations can sign up for fund raising activities.  They retain all retail profits of products sold to the membership.  Dealer has additional  commission credits added into his totals.
Retail-on-the-Shelf:  Dealer signs and administers the accounts of businesses that want to offer AMSOIL to their customers.  Dealer get commission and commission credits on all of the account's purchases.  Business retains retail profits on sales.

Commercial accounts:  A commercial account uses AMSOIL products for their internal lubrication requirements.  Fleets, warehouses, farms, and taxis are examples of commercial accounts.  The account can not resell or repackage the products.  Dealer receives commissions and commission credits for the accounts purchases.  Account buys products at the commercial price.  
There is no need to store AMSOIL products in your home or garage.  In fact, AMSOIL does not want you to follow this practice.  The AMSOIL comprehensive distribution network has centers placed around the country so deliveries are prompt and on time.  You order from the toll free telephone order desk or over the internet and the product is delivered to your customer's door.  It is a clean, efficient method of getting your customer's orders delivered with a minimum of effort by the dealer.  Dealers should have a supply of product brochures, catalogs, and business opportunity sponsoring kits on hand so they can respond to those inquiries in a timely manner.

Dealers work as much or as little as they please.  This is a true business where your rewards are proportional to your efforts.  You can earn just enough to support your golf game or you can earn enough to start planning your own golf course.  The choice is up to you.  Many dealers are part-time while others devote most of their work week to their AMSOIL business.


We at Canyon Traders do not like the practice of offering any promises of income or the great levels you can achieve with very little effort.  If you are looking for a "Get Rich Quick" opportunity you probably should take your life savings down to the casino and roll the dice.  No matter what you have heard elsewhere, this is a real business.  You will have to spend some time and money to get established.  Those dealers who have made a big success of  it, and there are quite a few of them,  have toiled endlessly for years to maintain and service their customer base.   AMSOIL products are the best available.  Your knowledge of the benefits of the products and the ability to truthfully represent  them to customers teamed with your focus and positive attitude will make you a successful AMSOIL Independent Dealer.

There are a few questions that you should consider before you decide to become a dealer:
                  1.  Do you enjoy interacting with people?  Can you look your friends in the eye and truthfully tell them they can benefit from using AMSOIL products?  This business is based on honest individual contacts.

                  2.  Are you interested in  automobiles, machinery, and mechanical devices in general?

                  3.  Are you willing to spend time and money to develop a customer base?

                  4.  Can you devote sufficient time to educate yourself about your products and the industry?  This does not mean that you have to become an automotive engineer but it does mean that you should be able to learn and explain the benefits of using AMSOIL in a logical fashion.  Reading company brochures and  product specifications are an important part of being up-to-date and knowledgeable about your business.

If you can answer "Yes, that's me!", then you belong on our team and we definitely want you to become an AMSOIL Dealer in the Canyon Traders Group.  If there are some "No" or "Probably Not" answers, you might want to reconsider your choice.
AMSOIL employs the engineers!  AMSOIL has the lubrication experts!  Your task is to identify your market and demonstrate the benefits  that AMSOIL products can provide.  This task requires some knowledge of the products and the value that they can bring to the customers' lives.  But, there are not many folks who really want to know about the technical details of the product to any depth.  They want to know about benefits like: longevity, cost savings and superior protection of their equipment.  You do not have to be an automotive engineer to present these benefits in a businesslike, professional manner.  AMSOIL provides more than enough information for you to present to prospective clients.  AMSOIL also backs up any and all claims with sound testing and experimentation results.  If anything, they understate the benefits of the products.

Our group is the largest AMSOIL group near Tajique, New Mexico.  We will provide support for your efforts beyond your wildest dreams!!  The whole country is your market.
Some things we aren't:
    We certainly are not professional engineers or lubrication specialists.  We market   the best synthetic lubricants  available.  You can market these products too!!

    We are not employees of AMSOIL, Inc.

    We are not financial gurus or tax experts with all the answers to your wall street world.

    We are not wizards behind the mirror.  There is no need for wizards when you represent the best.
Some things we know about the business: 

We know you can improve your lifestyle and personal financial future starting today by becoming  an AMSOIL dealer.  Many, many others have done it in a much smaller market. 

We know we can teach you the methods and genuine, honest approach to dealing with potential customers. We know what your market looks for in the way of benefits from synthetic lubricants and can teach you to explain those benefits.  Most folks want to know what is in it for them if they buy this expensive motor oil.  You will be able to effectively inform them in terms that make sense to them.  Molecular uniformity and shear factors do not mean a whole lot to most people, but better mileage and fewer mechanical problems are benefits that they really appreciate. 

We know we representative the finest, most honest synthetic lubricant manufacturer in the U.S.A.  You can join that group too. 

We know that we will not blow smoke.  Our success and yours depends on our customers and dealers for years to come.  We have to maintain a direct, honest approach to the business.  Your rewards in your AMSOIL business are directly related to your efforts.  But, believe me it's worth it!  This MLM opportunity is "product driven" not "program driven" and that makes all of the difference the world.
Who should be a dealer?  The answer is YOU!  It is your decision to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity.
Who will be your customers?  Possibly,  your family, friends, associates and anyone throughout the country.  As you use and grow to understand the benefits of AMSOIL products you can not help but let your associates know about them and your experiences with them.  However, there is never any pressure for you to concentrate on any of the many possible customer areas.  You never have to contact family and friends if you choose to do otherwise.  For instance, some dealers concentrate only on commercial accounts.
Who will be your competition?  AMSOIL is the only manufacturer of synthetic lubricants that markets their products through Independent Dealers.  Also, AMSOIL products are unique because they consistently excel in independent testing.  There is a reason AMSOIL is known as "The First in Synthetic Lubricants".  Your customers will appreciate the superior quality and performance of AMSOIL products as well as the personal attention and service that only Independent Dealers can provide.  Networking and maintaining a "first name" relationship with your customers means a lot.

When can you become a dealer?  Right Now!  There has never been a better time to start being part of the of this terrific organization and increase your income by becoming an AMSOIL Independent Dealer.  I was recently working a booth at the local state fair and got into a conversation with another AMSOIL dealer who was a bit dismayed about the progress of his business.  He thought that those who became dealers early-on in the company's history were the only ones who could succeed while those who became dealers now did not have the same opportunities.  I thought about this position and realized that it is not true because of a couple of reasons.  First, when AMSOIL began the product line contained only a couple of items.  That made the target market quite small and limited.  Synthetic oils are designed for specific applications and the automotive market was the target then.  During the last 35 years, AMSOIL has researched and developed products for manyadditional markets including: Diesel engines, ATV's, both automotive and cycle racing applications, street motorcycles, marine engines as well as farm and industrial equipment.  This product expansion has opened doors for dealers that were not there earlier.  A new dealer can concentrate on any area that interests him or her.  It makes sense for a dealer to concentrate on segments that they are passionate about.  If you are in a snowmobile club you will probably do well selling to snowmobile owners because you can speak the lingo and are passionate about the happenings in that area.  The same is true about racing, trucking, or farming.
The second reason new dealers have equal or greater opportunity now is that the market itself has expanded.  In 1972, the social structure was different and the way folks led their lives was different.  Now, it is not uncommon for a family to have a three car garage filled with motorized equipment.  Some couples have motorcycles, cars, trucks,  and ATVs as well as many engine driven devices like generators, pumps, and pressure washers.  Lots of people are interested in racing and competition at the personal level and have vehicles for that use.  All of this equipment requires lubrication and AMSOIL can provide the right lubricant for the job.  The block where you live probably has 10x the mechanical equipment that a similar block did in the 1970's.  The point is that the market has grown and continues to grow every day.  

With the proper training and focus you can channel your business efforts to the part of the market where you are most comfortable.  Your passion for and knowledge of a subject like sports cars or racing will impress your customers and they will respect your product recommendations.
When can you start telling friends and family about my new venture?  As soon as you turn in your application and review the dealership manual.
When can you order product?  You can order products on the internet 24/7/365.  Your orders are processed during normal business hours in Superior, WI.  The toll free order desk is open during normal business hours also. 

How do you start?  Ask me to send you a Dealer Opportunity Brochure.  Review it and call me about any issues.  If you can picture yourself in any of the roles that we have discussed then complete the application and get it back to me with a small fee that covers the first year.  You must purchase a G-700 business manual and become familiar with the business practices of the company.  I also recommend purchase of the G-1312 product information kit that includes samples of over 80 of the product brochures that are available to dealers.  For around $100 you will be on your way. 
How can you get materials?  AMSOIL is without peer when it comes to supplying its dealers with literature and catalogs as well as timely publications about recent happenings in the business.  These professional materials are available from the company at costs much less than you would pay to reproduce the information and you can have them quickly in any quantities you need.
How do I get training?  AMSOIL group leaders have monthly training meetings for their groups.  The Internet has provided a way for even remote dealers to partake in training sessions.  E-Mail and IM sessions can be used for weekly or monthly training sessions.  AMSOIL Direct Jobbers across the nation conduct monthly training sessions for their groups as well as members of other groups that reside in the area.  "The Action News" includes a schedule of these sessions.  You can get "T1" certification with home study workbooks or by attending a short training session presented by a Direct Jobber.  AMSOIL offers comprehensive training courses online or in print form.  The costs of these courses makes them a very attractive way to improve your skills and knowledge.  Lastly, AMSOIL conventions and co-op meetings offer intensive training sessions that address the many aspects of this business.  They are an effective way to get up to speed quickly.  At conferences, you can also learn from those dealers who have been around for awhile.  Most situations have been encountered before and there may be a very good simple way to solve what may seem to be a large problem.  Additionally, at conferences, the company will give out information about which areas are considered the latest growth areas within the business and offer suggestions on how to take advantage of them.  Training with AMSOIL is ongoing since the industry is dynamic and ever changing and AMSOIL changes with it.  That is a real positive thing for the dealership network.
The people who succeed in this business are able to duplicate methods that have proved to work for dealers in the past.  The technical details may change but the basics are the same.  You inform your prospect of the benefits that AMSOIL products can provide and explain the extended change interval concept and how it will save money in the long term.  Then you tell them about the options that the company offers, like the preferred customer program, then you handle the collection of payment or help the customer with direct purchases. 

   There has never been a better time to become an AMSOIL dealer.  You can increase your income and help others to save money by providing the best synthetic lubricants in the U.S.A.

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