1967 Kaiser Jeep, M35A2, 6x6, Military Cargo Truck

This is a photo of our new 1967 Kaiser Jeep M35A2 6x6.  It is an ex-military vehicle and is part of the well-known fleet of trucks used for many purposes throughout the years.  These trucks have been the backbone of military transport and many have found their way into public use through the surplus program of the U.S. government.  Our truck will be used for general work and water transport around our place here in N.M.  Here is a table of the specifications.



Vehicle: M35A2 

Description: 2 1/2 ton 6x6 cargo truck 

Years Produced:  

Manufactured by: Kaiser-Jeep and A.M. General 

Length: 278 1/4" w/w 264 1/4" wo/w 

Width: 96" 

Height: 112"; 81" with windshield down 

Weight (curb): 13,530 w/w 13,030 wo/w 

Weight Capacity: 10,000 Highway; 5,000 Cross Country 

Engine: LD465-1C no turbo; LDT-465-1C whistler turbo; LDT-465-1D non whistler turbo 

Horsepower: LD-465 126hp; LDT-465-1C-1D 130hp 

Transmission: Spicer 3053A 

Transfer Case: Timken T136-21 Sprag Type; Timken T136-27 Air shift 

Axles: Rockwell FC 240 HXI front; Rockwell CF 240 HX3 rear 

Differentials: 6.72:1 ratio 

Electrical System: 24V 

Heating & Cooling: optional hot water heat; optional fuel heat 

Brakes: air over hydraulic 

Fuel Type: multi fuel 

Fuel Capacity: 50gal 

Fuel Range: 350miles